Endoscopy  Ward

Endoscopy department  of hospital is located at the end of Gastrointestinal ward and was established to provide the better chance of studying and viewing G.I tract directly . Before 2000 endoscopic services were performed in one of operation rooms and approximately were carried out once a week . From mid 2000 the independent ward was exploited at the end of ward 4 and endoscopy unit started to act on its own . At the beginning upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy were presented twice or trice a week , but nowadays its performed every other day with miscellaneous procedures like ; upper endoscopy including dilatation ,band ligation ,foreign body detection , diagnosis of bleaching liquids ingestion and colonoscopy which consists of bleeding control , wound study ,colitis ,crohns disease and polypectomy.

The most common diseases of this department could be named as; upper & lower gastrointestinal bleedings , foreign body ingestion , esophageal varices and gastric reflux