Training office

Training office of the hospital is responsible for all of educational  activities like ,academic and clinical staff , speciality and sub-speciality  residents , students  and interns affairs . Besides ,providing guide pamphlets for physicians and  families  are some of other activities considered  for  this office .

Of the most important of it ,we can mention to annual promotion of academic staff and approval of their services , evaluation and  feedingback  of their working hours and , issuing the decree of wards deputies and matching educational sessions and performing training and clinical approaches .Writing educational programs for training workshops and classes , rotation schedule ,on-calling of residents for different wards of hospital on a mounthly basis ,coordination and completion of courses required for the residents  and program for their inter- ward period  are of the most known duties of this office .

This department  performs the timetable of mid-term and final semester  teaching program and also coordinates with professors . Other activities like holding a briefing for beginner students and residents , supplying a practical ( clinical ) program in corporation with professors , weekly grouping of students in order to attend in different services  and  regulating  their internship timetable are from the list of its job definition .