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Emergency  Ward :

Emergency includes , triage , examination rooms 1 & 2 ,internal medicine clinic ,outpatient services rooms ,sampling and cpr which are in vicinity of each other and also inpatient emergency .

C.P.R  room is equipped with all modern cardiopulmonary facilities for both children and adults.

Inpatient section has 21 big and small beds ,isolation room and incubator .

Teaching emergency diseases and urgencies in Pediatrics for all train receiving  groups, management  and caring patients from admission to clearance are also from job definition list of this ward .

Among the high occurring diseases in this service we can mention ; respiratory distress syndrome ,asthma , pneumonia ,whooping cough ,croup ,epiglottitis ,poisoning ,foreign body ingestion ,anemia ,favism ,gastroenteritis ,diabetes , small pox  and chlorea