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Nephrology & Endocrinology ward :

This ward was exploited along with hospital in 1968 ,afterwards peritoneal dialysis ,nephropathology laborary and hemodialyis departments were added to this complex . Training medicine students ,interns ,residents and nephrology fellowship students are of the most important educational activities in this department .  Endocrinology and metabolic disorders department is also one of the most active parts childrens medical center  working along with nephrology ward .

Of the most occurring diseases In this ward we can point out to disorders such as ; acid-base imbalances ,calcium disorders ( hypercalcemia and hypocalcemia ) ,childhood obesity ,congenital hypothyroidism ,congenital  disorders of sexual development ,uti ,fluid-electrolyte disorders ,osteogenesis ,urethritis , pyelonephritis ,vesicouretheral reflux ,nephrotic syndrome  and Wilson tumor .