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PICU  ward :

Pediatric Intensive Care ward has 10 beds and 2 isolated rooms  .Each patient unit includes ; a bed ,locker ,monitoring devices ,oxygen ,compressed air and central suction system .Isolated rooms are beside eachother in vicinity of nursing office and completely separated and visible and are also equipped  with all necessary facilities .The central monitoring  system installed in nursing station will provide full command of patients  by nursing staff .

Training sub-speciality fellows  and holding educational classes are some of the main activities of the ward .Of the most occurring diseases in this ward we can point out to diseases such as; apnea ,respiratory distress ,croup ,pneumonia , leukemia platlet disorders , seizures ,epilepsy ,meningitis ,uti ,cleft lip and palate ,encephalitis ,hydrocele ,hepatitis and fulminate hepatitis ,celiac disease ,phenylketonuria  and tyrosinemia .