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Physiotherapy Unit :

Physiotherapy Unit of Children Medical Center is constituted of different sections like hydrotherapy , electrotherapy and gymnasium for ill and disabled children , patients in this ward are admitted just in morning shift and in 2 different  outpatient and inpatient groups .  Various services are performed to patients with orthopedic , cardio-pulmonary , spinal injuries , neurologic injuries  , urinary and fecal incontinence and hemiplegic-myopathy problems . It must be considered that all of  services here are allocated to children and necessary trainings will be carried out for patients families in order to improve their quality of life and provide the needed bed for their daily activity of life .

Therapeutic  activities in this department are divided into two main categories of outpatient and inpatient .

Outpatient Physiotherapy :

In this unit ,after filling out registration documents , patients are being  introduced to physiotherapist and receive their  therapeutic  schedule which includes ; evaluation , definition of individualized treatment , number of turns , prescribing splints and braces , casting with plaster splints for particular purposes , parents education and collaboration and also physicians consultation .

Treatment  methods  include therapeutic  and specific exercises , stretching  and strengthening  electro therapy ,such as laser , ultrasound , biofeedback , stimulator , interfrential ,hot pack , infrared and water treatment .

Inpatient Physiotherapy :

This ward consists of 16 beds, patient at first is admitted by physician consultation paper and after registration of his or her name , the therapist will be attended at ward as number  of needed sessions .It must be added that the largest number of consultations so far , has been about  respiratory ones . Among  the most important  educational and research activities in this ward , we can name physiotherapy students education , nurses training ,NICU inter-group education , participating and paper presenting in annual physiotherapy congress and other scientific seminars , attending in ward rounds , taking part in clinic activities , attending  in morning  reports and working with pediatric urology and issuing research reports in well- known medical journals . Besides ,this center is known as the first pediatric urotherapy and is named as the significant ward by physiotherapy association