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In the name of God

Children’s medical center hospital as the country’s home of excellence in pediatrics and the most inclusive teaching, therapentic and research center related to nation’s children diseases, has started its activity since 1968 based on great endeavor of Dr.Ahari and Dr.Gharib.

Educating apprentices of specialized course of pediatrics in all of subspecialties and relevant fellowship courses in the field of internal and surgical pediatrics is underway.

During half century of performance, the great family of children’s medical center along with educating undertaking and specialist forces, has put its great effort in conveying pediatric science and related surgeries in the country.

Subsiding the agonies of innocent children and admission of patients with complicated and rare illnesses and syndromes from all around the country is believed to be a godsent gift and pride of this referral center.

International children’s diseases convention is being held annually on a precise schedule here since 28 year ago and from 2004 and 2010 on nursing group seminar and young researchers conference respectively, are being performed simultaneously with the main convention, the Iranian journal of pediatrics which is presented in ISI and other information banks as an authentic magazine is also being published since 1985.

Our center backing on its human resources like scientific board members, specialty and subspecialty residents and also nursery, paramedics, administrative, technical and common services group is intended to perform the best and most updated medical services joint with observing ethics and professional behavior to its clients and implementing educational standards for its students by the way.

Dr. Reza Shervin Badv

Director General



In the name of God

I am so cheerful about initiating accompanying employees of this center in the way of performing purely and desirable services to children of this soil.

Undoubtedly, our hospital as the nation’s therapeutic hub of pediatrics is known as one of the most reputable country’s medical centers which admits numerous patients daily from all around the nation and so we have to put effort on noting developing services and equipment along with benefiting scientific growth of our hospital in order to path the way of comprehensive progression in which we could share a small portion toward our organizational goals.

We hope that there we have the chance to facilitate our movement to progression and development through creating spirit of cooperation and making changes in personal attitudes and approaches.


Dr. Masoud Mirmoini

Vice Dean