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The History of Children's Medical Center


Construction of Children’s Medical Center

Construction of Children’s Medical Center was proposed by late Dr.Hassan Ahari in 1958. He was thinking of constructing this center after a trip to Montreal, Canada, to attend the ninth International Congress of Pediatrics along with late Dr.Mohammad Gharib, the founder of modern pediatrics medicine in Iran. During the trip he visited children's hospitals in Montreal , Toronto and  some scientific centers in the U.S.A. Since many of these centers were supported by charities with different budgets, planned to counting on charities and benefactors as well, and as the first step he donated his own savings for this purpose, in April 1962. Therefore, he draw their attention to the construction of the center by providing them with the evidence and statistics about prevalence and importance of children’s morbidities and mortalities in Iran.

Cooperation of  Dr. Farhad and Dr. Gharib had significant effects on achieving this goal but since the funds could not meet the cost of constructing and equipping the hospital, they were forced to seek help from the government and national organizations. Finally, the issue of constructing the center placed among the third plan of the government and the responsibility of implementing the project was also assigned to Dr. Ahari in January 1962. He designed the plan of the Hospital under the  inspiration of  pediatric hospitals in Canada, U.S.A and Switzerland and finally the construction of the hospital began in October 1964. In addition to charities’ assistance, national planning Organization, Tehran University and Iran's red lion and sun society participated in constructing and implementing this hospital. purchasing  necessary equipments from other countries was mediated by International Red Cross, and therefore significant savings were made. When the plan of constructing the center was approved, Dr. Ahari built a Population named “Supporters of Children's Medical Center” . Their first meeting was held in December 1962 ,registered in 1966 and also became a legal entity.

 In November 1968, by persuading Tehran University authorities and consequently the approval of relevant regulations, managing the center was assigned to the  “Supporters” of Children's Medical Center and the population took the responsibility of preparation and opening of the center. Three months later On 28 March 1968 coincided with the Eid al- Ghadir, physiotherapy and dental clinics of this center were also opened and then the child health clinic in May 1969, and children's clinic and department No.1 were equipped four months later.
Finally, on the fifteenth of November 1969, other departments of the hospital were prepared and the hospital was inaugrated officially. The hospital started to work with the departments of infectious disease, nephrology, hematology, endocrinology, surgery, emergency and clinics in its first days of opening , but gradually along with sciences progression and completion of professional staff, departments such as Gastroenterology , Immunology and Allergy , cardiology, gynecology , rheumatology , neurology , neurosurgery , urology , orthopedics and other specialties and clinical departments were added.

The second phase of development, constructing Building No.3

Constructing  Building No.3 was started in 1988 and after several years of ups and downs with the efforts of  Dr.movahedi, head of the hospital , and began to work in 2000. Which has embedded three clinical departments including  Urology, Immunology and Rheumatology as well as  Immunology Research Center and urology operation room in itself. Also bone marrow transplantion ward soon will be opened.


The third phase of development, construction of Building No.2

The project of constructing building No.2 which could  increase the number of departments and inpatient beds, were followed up by former heads of the hospital ; Dr. Milani and Dr. Movahedi for several years and finally was opened officially in 2010 with the great efforts of  Dr. Rabbani , and Dr.Mohammadpour.  
Now, emergency departments, intensive care units (NICU , EICU , & CICU) ,heart surgery, cardiology ,pulmonology,  surgery, and radiology units, laboratory and pathology ward, outpatient clinics and operation  rooms are located in this building.

Units that have recently been added to the diagnostic and therapentic services in Children's Medical Center

 - Electro physiologic Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (EEG monitoring and LTM) - BMD (Bone densitometry) in children

Units and services that will be added soon to provide services at Children's Medical Center

 - Bone marrow and stem cells transplantation ward

 - Kidney and liver transplantation ward

 - Advanced Respiratory and Sleep Lab Section

 - The audiogram unit

 - Expanding & developing pediatric intensive care units

 - Expanding & developing neonatal intensive care unit

 - MRI unit


Writing in the margin of the first page of the Quran on the opening day of Children's Medical Center

On Wednesday,  31 November 1967 which coincided with the 27th of Rajab 1387 AH and Eid-Mab’as, I brought this Quran to Children's Medical Center and by the grace of God and the center's staff cooperation, we managed to equip the hospital and on Wednesday , 6 November 1968 which coincided with the birth of Hadrat al-Qa'im (14 Sha'ban 1388 AH) we opened Children's Medical Center with the hope to Divine blessing.

Dr. Hassan Ahari