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Convention  Department

This department  held a 2 day long  conference  in may 1976 in cancer  institute including 26 speeches which was headed By Dr.Reza Moazami and its secretary was Dr.Dariush Sami .

In October of 1985 the first official  educational  congress of pediatric diseases of Tehran  university  was held in Dr.Shariati hospital .

The second congress was held in 1990 during a 6 day period , and this process was followed uninterruptedly by invitation of foreign lecturers in next years ,now we are preparing to launch the 25th international pediatric diseases on  its annually routine .Then ,for the first time 24th international meeting on pediatrics diseases was held in childrens medical center itself. Since 1985 this  congress has been annually attended by over 1500 participants from       Iran and other countries , besides after 2003 this event has created an opportunity of exchanging  experiences for  nursing  staff as well as physicians

, So from that time on ,this assembly is being performed in 2 seperated categories  of nursery & medical . After 2009 young researchers department was also added to event in order to make chances for young scientists , assistants and students to present their investigations results in a separated lounge .

Fortunately , growing enthusiasm on this congress in recent years for those who takepart as lecturer or poster presenter has resulted in simultaneous performances in many halls in 2 divided morning and afternoon shift during 5 days , by the way participants on the basis of their major or the clinical topics in which they are more interested , could be showed up .In addition during recent years , young researchers department and other newly joined parts have acted as of the most successful ones.

This meeting more than its scientific approach ,is a very worthy place for visiting and thought exchanging with other pediatricians from Iran and all over the world . Getting to know new elaborate  medical devices and pharmaceutical products are from the other advantages of this assembly .