The patient’s Guide to Children’s Medical Center Hospital (CMC), Tehran, IRAN.

We are thankful for choosing Children’s Medical Center for treatment of your child.

Children’s  Medical Center (CMC) hospital is one the oldest pediatric hospitals and the center of excellence of pediatrics in Iran, has the mission of the provision of diagnostic, treatment, educational and research in the field of pediatrics for the children of Iran and the region.

Caring of the sick child in CMC:

  • Receiving the proper health service to everyone in the most appropriate time, with respect and without any kind of discrimination.
  • Provision of information about diagnostic and treatment methods and procedures, introducing of the medical team and the estimated costs to the patients or the parents.
  • The patient and parents have the right to choose the treatment methods or taking part in the research projects.
  • Provision of the health services should be based on the respect to the privacy and dignity of the patient (unless the cases that has been noted by the law).
  • Having access to the International Patient Department (IPD) system by email.
  • Children, whom are talked about the medical procedures in advance, would have better acceptance of the situation and are more probable to be calm during hospital stay.
  • Pertinacity and not being cooperative in feeding, taking medications and medical procedures is expected from hospitalized children. We all should try to help them, understand their condition and try to have their cooperation with calmness and persuasive methods.
  • In the time of discharge, the necessary information about caring, nursing and the child’s medications will be provided to you.
  • All the medical team try to support your child and improve her condition. By introducing the team and their role to your child, she will have better cooperation and will have better time in the hospital.

Parents are strongly requested do not smoke in the hospital.

Parents are advised to talk to the child about the hospital, the length of stay, the reason of the hospitalization, the personnel who are working in there and the usual diagnostic and treatment procedures.

The accommodations provided by CMC for you:

Patient’s briefcase: A briefcase including the personal equipment for the parent and the child will be offered in the admission time.
The patient’s room: Each patient will have a bed, a closet and a folding sofa bed for the parent. There is a toilet that is cleaned each morning and evening. Each room may contain2-3 patients.
Each patient will have an identification bracelet. The parent will receive an identification card and Hospital wear for hygiene measures. We request you to have the ID card during your presence in hospital. A female attendant should be present with the patient during the admission except in the intensive care units.

Recommendations for getting compatible with the hospital:

  • You may ask assistance from your relative and friends, social workers and psychologists. As  you are in difficult situation, by accepting the problems it is easier to ask and accept the assistance.
  • Your health is very important. Try to care of yourself. Your proper health, sleep and nutrition will improve your child’s condition.
  • Talk freely about your worries and doubts with the medical team in the proper time.
  • Ask the nurses about your role in caring your child. You are the key person in improving the health condition of your child.
  • We understand that waiting for patient’s turn for medical diagnostic and treatment procedure could be boring and worrisome. After the 1st steps of diagnosis of the problem, you will be informed about the plan has been made for your child.

The patient’s guide from reception to discharge:

  • The patient and the attendant will attend in IPD (International Patient Department) office. For surgical procedures, the father should be present.
  • By receiving the identification documents and filing the reception forms, the in-part payment will be received.
  • The patient’s briefcase will be offered and you will be accompanied and guided to your room.
  • An in charge person will be introduced to you and will be available for your assistance during your stay.




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